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This page is currently being updated. Please email me for more information about Landing Page Audits.

“Thank you so much, this is super valuable. Honestly the best feedback I’ve got so far! I have made a nice to-do-list and I’ll start working on the things you mentioned.”

– Rick van Haasteren – SiteGuru

“Really impressive! You’ve been generous with your time and the feedback is super insightful.”

– Will Messiha – Product Bake

“Thank you so much! I’m going to listen to your feedback several more times, share it with colleagues and implement your suggestions. I wonder why it is that I trust your input, a total stranger. You’ll be hearing from me again.”

– Kimberly Hughes – Small Business Consultant

“Thank you very much for the feedback! What you said was very helpful (and reassuring). It’s an awesome service!”

– Todd McAlinden – Front End Developer

“Thank you so much for the clear feedback! It’s been a very long time since I had the chance to get such constructive advice on my work.”

– Natalie Axten – Designer

“Thanks Rob, made notes. You kinda confirmed the things I was having doubts about or were somewhere floating in my mind. Now I know what to execute on first. Awesome! Massive thanks.”

– Chris Schwartze – Urban Masterclass

“Thank you so much for your input. You brought up some very good points and I am looking forward to split testing some of your suggestions!”

– Arthur Sparks – Prep Agent