50% of the $20 Ebook sale goes to the affiliate you choose

A Black Friday with a twist...

Landing Page Hot Tips Ebook

For Black Friday this year I wanted to try something different… to say thanks to my top Ebook affiliates I want to give them 50% of the Black Friday sale price! (learn more about the Ebook)

Using the links below you can support a creator/friend you admire with 50% of the $20 Black Friday sale price.

So they get $10, I get $10 ❤️

That’s only $20 (normally $49 – saving 60%) for 100 actionable Landing Page Hot Tips in Ebook, Kindle, Audiobook, Notion formats including bonus pre-launch checklists.

Janel JoiJanel JoiBrain PintNewsletter OS Support Janel
Miguel PiedrafitaMiguel PiedrafitaWeb3 Ninja ShowtimeSupport Miguel
Shawn WangShawn WangCoding Career Handbook Temporal.io Support Shawn
Silvan HaganSilvan HaganCTO Schlaufux.ch Support Silvan
Jess EddyJess EddyZendesk UI Goodies Support Jess
Amrit NagiAmrit NagiTailwind Toolbox Alpine Toolbox Support Amrit
Darshan GajaraDarshan GajaraGraphCMSProduct Disrupt Support Darshan

Not sure who to support? Click on the images to visit their Twitter accounts to see what they are building 🙂