How To Dominate Remote Working

I absolutely love traveling. If you know me well, you’ll know I also love working. Last year I spent 6 weeks traveling Europe while working almost every day. It was awesome. Here are 10 quick tips I learnt on the road.



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These are your best friends when it comes to productivity. Of course they block out background noise but a real neat trick is put them on even when you’re not listening to music. People tend to not chat or ask you anything. Sounds dickish I know, but you need to get your shit done – especially when you stumble on a good connection. Headphones on always.

Prepare Offline Work Before Your Travels

Make a mental note of the type of work you can do when completely offline. Keep these close by for when the connections start playing up. It’s inevitable.

(Very) Early Mornings

So you are staying at a friends place and they have wifi. As soon as they wake up the conversations start and productivity decreases. Waking up 2hrs before them and getting that couple hours under your belt really puts you on the front foot for the day. You now can make better choices on activities and aren’t stressing you are behind.

React To Good Wifi

Wifi is a fickle mistress. This time it’s not you, it’s really her. When you find a beautiful connection on the road, you need to go all in. Rearrange that schedule. Backup those files, upload those images. You are never guaranteed good wifi traveling. Be reactive when she says hello.

Bonus tip: use apps like TripMode to block your own apps and system trying to download when it’s not necessary. This makes more room for your apps getting shit done.

Sit Next To The Router

Repeaters work but not always. Ask staff at the coffee shop, airport or co-working space where the router is and sit as close as possible.


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Obvious, I know, but neglected. Minimum 1 full glass water per coffee. Dehydration and focus are age old enemies.

Get A Machine With Excellent Battery

I can’t vouch for my MBAir enough – the battery life is incredible. You are not guaranteed power on the road. It also goes without saying that when you see a plug point you charge all your devices right away.

Bonus tip: turn off Bluetooth and reduce screen brightness by 30% to save battery while working.

Bonus tip: charge your phone in Airplane Mode – much faster.

Slaying Attitude

Slaying Attitude

Photo by Tim Gouw

These are not your usual work hours. What is the most pressing task right now? The more you prove (to yourself) you can get things done remotely, the more you can continue traveling. Productivity in 11 words:

Most important thing first, one thing at a time, start now.

Bonus tip: Save social networking for your phone only.

Bonus tip: Try only start something you can finish in the timeframe you have. You feel much better for the rest of the day.

Schedule Fake Meetings

Tell your friends you have a very important meeting at a certain time. This will force you to be in front of the screen at least once that day to dominate work in that short period.

Find Similar Nomads

Find Similar Nomads

Photo by Tim Gow

Chances are there is someone at a co-working space, coffee shop or airport that is also getting things done remotely. Zone straight in, introduce yourself and ask for any tips on the connection. This can save you tons of time. Hopefully they are not wearing headphones;)

Hope you enjoyed this little round-up, Tweet me your own personal tips!

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