Introducing AudioNotes

So I stepped out of reviewing and building One Page websites and built my first macOS app. The whole experience was incredibly rewarding.

AudioNotes a macOS menu bar app (download free) that helps you record and share audio messages. As you finish recording, the app instantly copies a link to paste into emails, forums, website comments or social media.


Because unlike text, audio emphasises your message… and spending your days typing sucks too. The app is meant to help you communicate better while making you a tad more productive.

So why 5 min limit, 7 days expiry and 32kbps?

As much as I wanted to get the MVP out quick, I really wanted to have a semi-clear way to monetize before green-lighting the idea. AudioNotes must be sustainable. If 1 million people are recording notes all day, I’m in big trouble, despite Amazon costs relatively low. The limits are necessary but still feel generous enough to achieve a good working service.

I experimented a bit with formats and decided on 32kbps @ 44100 Hz – perfect for simple voice audio (and fast uploads). As you hit Stop Recording, the note is transcoded into AAC, then wrapped in MP3 (so there is no funny business playing on browsers) then uploaded to S3.


My monetization plan (right now) is a recurring model:

  • Free – 5mins, 32kbps (good), 7 day expiry
  • $5/mo Pro – 60mins, 96kbps (better), no expiry

Simple. The above also excludes any additional rad features of course eg. drag in an audio file to menubar (well produced, edited, with jingles etc.) and it transcodes for you and creates a share URL. But that’s maybe v8 haha 🤓

So yeah, the MVP is to gather real feedback, understand how users are using it, and validate building/investing in a Premium tier if X people are using the app.

Useful Links:

Shout if you have any feedback what-so-ever and I hope AudioNotes makes you a little more productive.

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