Reflecting on 2015

It’s really important to reflect on what happened during a year, especially when working for yourself.

Often you’re involved with several side projects, things can seem a blur and you forget what shipped. Here is a quick recap on 2015.


  • One Page Love: 684 posts added, job board launched, premium review service launched, in-house advertising launched
  • Currl: Lots of learning while building the concept, it took a Currl redirection, my good Italian friend Manu joined the team
  • Pear Hosting: closed down and sold my old side project (blog soon)
  • ThemeCobra: sold side project (blog soon)
  • Hit Delete: begun personal branding, launched blog
  • launched real lite BETA with my good Brazilian friend Fernando (v1 live)
  • Aegir Project Brewery: helped my friend Rory with a simple One Pager (v1 live)

From Left to Right: Fernando, fueled by Macallan, coding up our BETA in Mozambique – Aegir behind the scenes workspace – Me taking a breather in the hills of Italy while working on Currl with Manu


  • 7 weekends away locally in South Africa
  • Mozambique (12 days)
  • England (10 days)
  • France (10 days)
  • Italy (8 days)
  • Spain (6 days)
  • Slovenia (5 minutes)
A few travel favorites of mine from Instagram, check out my profile for the image details.

A few travel favorites of mine from Instagram, check out my profile for the image details.

New Products Adopted

And people ask if Spotify is worth the $10/month?

And people ask if Spotify is worth the $10/month?

Highlights and Reflections

  • Caught up with old friends while traveling and made real good new friends. Yup, it’s possible at 32. Working while traveling is not easy but I’m getting better at it.
  • Started to put way more effort in creating and preserving memories (vs owning things). A heavy declutter went down in 2015.
  • Watched one of my favorite bands Refused in Barcelona with my mate Big Red who flew down from Denmark – seeing them was way up on the bucket-list.
  • I scored an epic day of surf in Capbreton, South-West France. Here’s a video clip of the same day.
  • Tons of time spent building a shipping foundation for 2016. It’s difficult to explain the amount of time spent working for no cash setting up things. I’ll be blogging lots on this but this is essentially what it’s like being an entrepreneur in my opinion.

The day we scored at Bunkers, Capbreton, South-West France

2016 Resolutions

I only have one – blog once a week – so 52 blog posts on lessons, failing, ideas, shipping in 2016. I want to improve my writing and get blogging rhythm. Welcome to my first one, only 51 to go:)

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