Shift That Procrastination To A Reward System

There is this strange illusion that improving your surroundings is productive work. It isn’t.

Yes, in the long run it can help your mind be more creative but it’s not getting you closer to your end goal.

My tip is lay out what (you think) you need done around you, then list a bunch of your next realistic work goals. Match the smaller tasks with the smaller goals and work your way up. Example:

Paint the office door white after you have designed that new newsletter template

Same goes for tool optimization. This is something that never really ends as dudes are shipping great software, daily. Try assign these sessions after you’ve shipped something. Example:

Buy that new writing software after you have published a minimum of 5 blogs.

More importantly, only start that software research (classic procrastination) after achieving the goal.

Sticking to this system will not only get shit done, it will make you feel warm and fuzzy about how you earned it.

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