3 Rules I Live By

I’m grateful I had an open-minded family upbringing that allowed me to discover my own rules.

This in-turn allowed me to learn from my mistakes faster, without too much “outside influence”.

Rule #1 - See Things How They Are

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Rule #1: See things as they are

The first sounds so obvious but is by far the most difficult. Rule #1 is trying to see a situation with zero emotion or influence. This is asking yourself “why?” repeatedly until your brain starts breaking through your excuses. Then ask again. Once you start feeling slightly ill you have arrived.

Remember that Rule #1 sits a few levels deep, not just one.

Diving one level deep is “She ended it because I didn’t give this relationship my best”. Rule #1 sees things as they really are, “She just wasn’t into me anymore, she moved on”.

This not only applies to relationships but your friendships, hobbies, health and business.

One level deep is “Our product is not popular because these users are too stupid to understand it”. Two levels deep is “Maybe people don’t understand our product because it is too complicated”. Rule #1 will uncover how things really are, “Our product is definitely too complicated but more importantly it lacks an x-factor, so it’s not remarkable, thus not popular”.

Take away: Remember there is a reward once you hit this level of truth. You have now opened and cleaned out an infected wound. The wound (you or your product) can now start to heal properly. By accepting how things really are, it allows you to move on faster and start making better decisions.

Rule #2 - Don't Be The Victim

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Rule #2: Don’t be the victim

There is always going to be someone or something to blame for slowing you down. Being negative is not only easy, it is extremely lazy. Rule #2 reminds us that when we stop making excuses, you can start building great things.

With One Page Love, new competitors pop up all the time. I can choose to dwell or I can choose to keep improving and adding value to our readers. The only person in the way of my success is me – don’t be the victim and keep pushing.

Take away: The reward once you stop being the victim is incredible progress. Progress gets you to where you want to be in life faster.

Rule #3 - When there are waves, surf

Photo by Chris Bond

Rule #3: When there are waves, surf

When have you ever regretted surfing twice when the waves were perfect. Get the most out of it while you are there. Rule #3 combines the “Yes Man” approach with living in the moment. You’re here now, let’s do this.

In the work sense this is often referred to as “flow”. When you have true flow – the world around can and must fuck itself. When you’re inspired and the words, code, paint or pixels are flowing – it’s a thing of beauty that is very selfish for anyone to interrupt. Productivity wise, a single day with flow can surpass a standard work week.

  • When you are faced with great waves, go surf
  • When you feel inspired, go create
  • When you experience flow, just go with it

If you don’t experience this “flow” within the work you do, you are probably doing the wrong work. Please refer to Rule #1 at the top of this article:)

Take away: When life throws you perfect waves, a ray of sunshine in winter or the deepest, most stimulating, mutually beneficial conversation – drop the schedule and live out that moment as long as you can. They are not as common as you think. Life is a collection of moments. A rich life is a collection of these moments.

Hope you found this post motivational. The combination of these three rules for me is potent. Let’s start being honest with ourselves, stop making excuses and start living more in the moment.

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