Thirty Four

12419 days later… so what’s the point?

Rob HopeI’m grateful to have a healthy spread of mates. From musos to skurrel surf rats, twitchers, religious folk and web geeks. I love em all.

A handful form a group of heavy thinkers. Once we warm up we travel to deep and dark places. Questioning everything. It’s fascinating how we almost always end up at “what’s the point?”.

If anything, I want this blog to serve as a comfort when you land up here in life – it is inevitable and this feeling is completely normal. The more important question is what to do at this juncture.

Let’s try tackle this…

You don’t have to search for meaning

I’m not convinced the search for meaning is for everyone – it can lead to a cold, dark place. It’s a choice where you want your thoughts to hang out… questioning your past… or planning your future.

Some interesting advice a very tall, very rich dude once told me:

“No one knows the meaning of life, you just need to distract yourself with things you like until you die.”

Understand the good and bad

Start with self-awareness. Understand what you like and don’t. Start doing more of one and less of the other (I touched on this here). Be honest. You are unique. Don’t apologize for who you are. Fuck everyone. This life is 100% yours.

Same goes for the people you surround yourself with. More of the people who support and motivate you. Less of the rest.

The above steps will unquestionably improve (perceived) happiness in your life.

Understand your potential regrets

A common death-bed regret is spending too much of your lifetime trying to please others. Ask yourself if this was your final hour, what is the single-most thing you wanted to see? achieve? say to someone?

Take those points and begin. Reverse-engineer how it could be possible within your means. Start researching, saving, planning. If you let it, this can be the start of your life’s new journey. Today.

Life itself, is the journey

This new journey will create direction. Direction settles a wandering mind and steers you away from the question. The truth is the more we journey, the more we change. And the more we change, the more the destination will change.

Leaving us with the only constant, the journey.

So what’s the point? To understand who you are, how you want to spend your time and who you want to spend that time with… then go and actually do it.

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