Edition #050

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Lit Hub asked top book cover designers to curate their favorite book covers released in 2019.

Neumorphic UI designs pretend to extrude from the background. It’s a raised shape made from the exact same material as the background.

Sacha Greif and Raphaël Benitte are back with another annual report, this time the JavaScript ecosystem.

Inspiration video by Lucas Zanotto featuring series of abstract kinetic characters. The sound design is incredible too. Volume up.

Mailchimp share insights from their 12 million small business customers in a free PDF report. No email sign up required.

Well executed resource by Peter Assentorp providing all the possible social media image/video sizes including Photoshop, Sketch and Adobe XD template files.

“This is real talk about creating design systems and digital brand guidelines. No jargon, no glossing over the hard realities, and no company hat. Just good advice, experience, and practical tips.”

Over 3,000 designers share their toolkits including bonus insight about their demographics and ideation.

Dribbble share the data behind designer salaries, career trends, and what’s next for your design discipline.

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