Edition #053

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Last week I was asked to share my story quitting freelance at the Indie Hackers meetup in Cape Town – here is the audio! It’s a very casual chat sharing my first romances with computers, multiple failing side projects, monetizing One Page Love and designing the Yo! show for YouTube.

A bit sluggish but neat tool by Knut Synstad to generate a faux code “footprint” (in SVG format) based off any Github repo. Quite cool for when you are stumped for a neat article thumbnail or social share images.

My current favorite typeface (and soon to be rolled out on my network of sites) is now hosted on Google Fonts for easy integration.

As close to magic as it gets. Unscreen removes backgrounds from videos and GIFs.

I lost a small fortunate on these things growing up ha! Jon Kantner brings the claw crane to life with CSS off. Just take a peak at this code 0_o

A set of 140 free MIT-licensed high-quality SVG icons (in outline and solid) by Steve Schoger for the Tailwind UI project.

Unique ascii-themed resource hosting a series of curated playlists. These mixes are intended for listening while coding to aid concentration and increase productivity.

Google have put together a fun dashboard showcasing Google Font CDN action but also popular typeface rankings. Take a moment to fathom the deliveries per second. Servers smoking!

Open Peeps is a hand-drawn illustration library by Pablo Stanley available in Sketch, Studio, Figma, and XD. You can use them in product, marketing, comics, product states, user flows.. you name it.

The Mixkit crew just added 1000 royalty-free music tracks to their library. The UX is great too with good filters, fast audio and no sign-up needed to download.

One from the archives but one I keep returning to. Facebook Design put together hundreds of free device mockups in Sketch and image formats.

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