Edition #054

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This one really caught my attention. Loads to slick transitions, big images, big type. love it.

Developer Andy Bell dropped this CSS nugget dipped in pure gold on Twitter. Simple add these two CSS classes to prevent that jitter in the UI.

Designer/dev Alyssa X has built this free animated product mockup tool called Animockup. You can create videos and animated GIFs for social media, landing pages, Dribbble and more.

Martin Silvertant curated this short list of the the most expensive typefaces in the world including two references of them in actual use.

Product Disrupt v2 just launched packed with resources to learn Product Design. Stoked to see the Yo! Podcast in that list <3

Gvouchers is a 100% free service. You simply share your Gvouchers link, your customer chooses a Gift Voucher option and then proceeds to a PayPal checkout. Upon a successful transaction, a digital Gift Voucher with a unique voucher code is emailed to the customer and the funds are deposited directly into the business owners PayPal.

I can dig this refresh for Cadbury by Bulletproof agency – kinda same same, not too brave but feels like a new lick of paint for sure.

Fascinating design documentary capturing the personality and meticulous work process of the late Canadian graphic artist Jim Rimmer. It’s free to stream until 24 April, just use code: OMEGA22 at the P22 Vimeo On Demand page.

Matt Stevens has been designing these gorgeous book covers paying homage to some real classics!

Whenever I’m inspecting a website and there is a “hidden footer reveal” I’m always stoked. Here is a CSS-only tutorial by Stephen Shaw.

Brilliant time-lapsed tutorial in a “directors commentary” style by MDS with genius nuggets of UI design advice throughout the 9-mins (also a testament to what’s possible with Figma).

Super vibrant direction on this “Lucky 7” branding by Manchester studio Creative Spark for Seven Brothers brewery.

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