Edition #055

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We chat about creativity, essentialism, Hendrix vs Bowie, his disregard for analytics, how to stand out online in 2020 and his secret to replying to 6000 emails in 10 days.

Nostaligia overload with 173 sci-fi-esque branding examples. Strap in. Reagan Ray takes us to a galaxy far far away.

Fellow South Africa designer Anja van Staden put together these Social Media platform mockups for her own experiments. Lucky for us, she was kind enough to share them on Figma.

Be aware of errors, warnings, and logs (in toast notification format) that are happening on your site without having to inspect using console. Available for Chrome and Firefox.

A neat set of 450+ free SVG icons (MIT-licensed) for use in your web projects. Each icon is designed on a 24×24 grid and a 2px stroke.

Interesting breakdown by Noah Levin (Design Director) on Figma’s weekly routines, process, critiques, quarterly rituals etc.

Well presented round-up of clear CSS list style recipes for your articles. Good to step back to the basics every now and then.

A BlurHash is a compact representation of a placeholder for an image. When integrated they really improves app designs by replacing boring grey boxes with smoother loading images.

A curated weekly list of five happy links and things, to make you smile and feel good. Needed. Cheers!

Vibrant wireframe set by Vijay Verma to help spin up mobile mockup concepts a little quicker. License is CC0 and available in Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD + Invision.

Shout-out to these tongue-in-cheek candles by Crystal Wicks. Their website also integrates that Grand Slang typeface too. Just beautiful.

Ending this Yo! newsletter edition off with the most amping b-roll (it comes in at 38s). Sound edit is also 10/10. Peter McKinnon was a huge motivation for me making YouTube vids and Daniel Schiffer is incredibly talented. Wow. Enjoy!

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