Edition #057

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Una Kravets examines 10 powerful lines of CSS that do some heavy lifting. It’s wonderfully explained and presented.

Fascinating infographic case-study by Art Lebedev Studio. Never knew Australia and USA were that close.

Amazon product listicles (layered with affiliate links) have been around forever. I’ve never seen one better presented than this one by Typewolf and wanted to share it as inspiration. Exceptional effort on the consistent pink background imagery and overall curation.

Stumbled upon this wonderful Twitter account run by Jack Butcher featuring concepts explained through minimal infographics. You can get well lost in the feed, so you have been warned!

Secured the beautifully designed Analog Starter Kit by Ugmonk this week. Jeff is honestly a treasure to our community. He spent so much time on this so I’m glad it’s got the Kickstarter traction it deserved.

Fellow Capetonian (and metalhead) Dan Klopper had FUN with these macOS Big Sur icon concepts in Cinema4D. Make sure you open up the link to see the incredible detail on each.

30 minute vid by Apple teaching us how to achieve tight UI typography in our apps. The goal here is to enhance legibility, accessibility and consistency across Apple platforms.

Useful typeface as an alternative to Lorem Ipsum for quick mock-ups and wireframing.

Just backed Uicard by Jan Haaland. The video is superb too. Jan said all the right things for me like how we need to slow down and try get away from the screen more. These little hacks/tools are great excuses to do so!

Product designer Trong Nguyen has put together this neat series of Figma Tips. Each lesson is short and sweet with a clear alongside screencast.

Not a normal Yo! post but IN ABSOLUTE AWE at the this album launch execution by DNB artist Metrik. The visuals, camera panning and editing are phenomenal and possibly the most impressive quarantine artist launch I’ve seen.

100 snackable lessons, category filter, bonus interactive checklists. If you do grab the pre-sale, a massive thank you for helping support the work I do online!

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