Edition #058

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Hans Zimmer created an extended version of Netflix’s ‘ta-dum’ sound for theaters and it’s as magnificent as you’d hope it was.

Gorgeous branding for NHL’s newest team, the Seattle Kraken. This image doesn’t do justice so make sure you kick off their website for the interactive branding experience.

A wonderful font inspired by vintage National Park posters. It’s an all-caps display typeface including numbers and basic punctuation. If you’re building projects online, make sure you also check out Dans recent 20 bits I learned (at Dribbble) book. I smashed it in a sitting!

Hot damn this Big Sur UI Kit (for Figma + Sketch) by Lstore Graphics is lovely. The Landing Page deserves a shout too with that top menu bar as you scroll. Clever!

Wonderful collection by Portuguese photographer André Vicente Gonçalves. If you’ve travelled a bit, how many do you recognize? Remember travel…

Beautiful set of 200+ SVG icons by the team behind Tailwind CSS. The site itself is so well executed too. Especially note the icon hover, copy and return states.

Twitter is littered with insightful threads. This one is worth your time if you are considering to become a full time Maker. Sound advice in here.

This pros vs cons, when it works, when it doesn’t breakdown by iA is a masterpiece and must-read if you are considering a subscription model.

What a stunning set of wallpapers by Hector Simpson. There are 4 themes, for Mac, iPad & iPhone. Been rocking the dark one this week obvs.

What a cheeky little set! Also a well executed One Pager featuring an instant search, icon size slider, outline/filled style switcher, dark mode and a 1-click SVG copy.

CSS legend Lynn Fisher dropped the mic with this angled coffee table book effect. Just add a containing div around an image to activate the magic.

100 snackable lessons, 54-minute Audiobook, category filters (eg. Design Tips), component filters (eg. Testimonials) and interactive pre-launch checklists. I poured everything into it. Grab 20% off using this Yo! coupon link.

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