Gvouchers Post-Mortem

Post-mortem - Last updated 1 Dec 2020

Gvouchers is no longer operational. A full post-mortem on it’s way. Please check back soon.

What was Gvouchers?

Gvouchers was a free service that allowed you to sell digital Gift Vouchers online. You simply shared your Gvouchers link, your customer choose a Gift Voucher option and then proceeded to PayPal for checkout. Upon a successful transaction, a digital Gift Voucher (with a unique voucher code) was emailed to the customer and the funds were deposited directly into the business owners PayPal. The service took no cut and was built purely to help small, struggling businesses during the Covid pandemic.

What did it look like?

Here is the overview video with a walkthrough of setup in the dashboard:

Check back soon for the full post-mortem.

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