What I’m Doing Now

This page is inspired by Siver's /now movement

A mix of Landing Page content, overthinking and fun side projects:

  • Curating UX content privately for when I’m ready to start building UX Love – my 3rd “love” inspiration resource launching in 2022.
  • Curating questions for my next Yo! Podcast guest.
  • Removing discontinued One Page templates from One Page Love while adding new One Page templates into an annual subscription model.
  • Five Four Squarespace tutorials to finish before end 2021 over on One Page Love.
  • Clean up the checklist page design on my CHL.ST side project, then we open up the BETA.
  • Moving all Landing Page content from One Page Love to my personal site.

Recently completed:

  • Preparing for my Smashing Magazine workshop this October.
  • Populating the Newsletter Discovery section on Email Love.
  • Registering a TM for Email Love to try acquire squatted social media handles.