Beautiful email designs and useful resources.

Behind-the-scenes building Email Love.

Project Overview:

Email Love is a new resource providing inspiration, templates and resources to help you be better at Email Marketing. The Email Love website was launched in September 2019 by Rob Hope in Cape Town, South Africa who continues to add Email inspiration daily.

It's good to first understand the project scope and output before diving into the running costs below.

Item Details Website launched September 2019 using a custom WordPress theme.
Twitter Only Tweeting my favorite email designs.
Pinterest Pinterest is fully automated via secret RSS feed - blog on this soon.
Newsletter Sends every few weeks. The email code is generated via a custom WordPress page template to copy and paste into Mailerlite - blog on this soon.
RSS Feed Get new posts delivered in the reader of your choice.


Discontinuing Email Newsletter Discovery
Discontinuing Email Newsletter Discovery The dream was to connect someone with a newly found hobby/career with a professional within the niche, delivering exclusive content via email newsletter.
How I negotiated the $5k Email Love dot com domain
How I negotiated the $5k Email Love dot com domain I hope these tips help save you some cake when hard-balling that perfect domain.
The Game Plan
The Game Plan I try get super transparent and share how I plan to grow the audience...
Why I green-lit the Email Love project
Why I green-lit the Email Love project So you have an itching side-project idea but struggling to justify if you should work on it. Here is a comprehensive guide I’ve put together to help decide if you should green-light that idea.
Announcement So nervous but excited to share my next big project! Email Love is going to act as a sister-site to One Page Love but for email (obvs!).

Running Costs:

Here are the monthly running costs that might be of value if you’re considering building a similar site. Please note they are approximate figures based on recent invoices.

Cost/mo Item Provider Notes
$35 WordPress Hosting Flywheel Shared with One Page Love, UX Love and this site on the $100/month package
$15 Email Marketing Mailerlite Sends the Newsletter every few weeks
$15 Image CDN IMGIX This is for archive & review screenshots + social share images
$10 Image Hosting Amazon S3 The images loaded within the coded emails on reviews
$10 Screenshots Screenshot Machine Screenshot taking API integrated with some upcoming email tools I'm working on.
$6 Analytics Plausible Simple and privacy-friendly analytics (shares with One Page Love and UX Love on a bigger plan)
$5 Image Compression TinyPNG Before Emails head to Amazon S3, they get resized and compressed to optimize load times
$5 Email G Suite One primary acc for rob@ then have aliases for newsletters@ + more
$1 Domain & DNS Hover Amount averaged from $12/year

Startup Costs

Broken even? Ha, not yet:)

Cost Item Source
$1500 domain via Afternic (backstory)
$678 Outsourcing on email code cleaning script via Upwork
$250 Branding clean up by my friend Jason
$$$ Outsourcing lite email tools Still in progress but debrief soon.
☕️☕️ A million coffees owed for CSS wizardry to my friend Manu

For once-off costs for the software and hardware I use to create content, see my Workspace page.


Launches and noteworthy features.

Date Milestone Link
20.09.2021 Section Removed Newsletter Discovery Debrief
05.09.2019 Award Email Love awarded #1 Product of the Day and #3 Product of the Week on Product Hunt Visit
04.09.2019 Launch Email Love v1 official launch Blog
01.08.2019 Launch Email Love v0.9 soft-launch with only 36 emails Blog
07.11.2018 Action Google Apps signup and mass subscribing to newsletters  
31.10.2018 Acquisition domain acquired Video