Love, Curated.

Behind-the-scenes building Love Curated.

Project Overview:

Love Curated is my new company (2022) to house all the love brand websites. This overview currently being updated, check back tomorrow but TBH maybe the next day (or the day after that).

Twitter: @lovecurated


A loving home for a growing family
A loving home for a growing family I've finally decided to clean up the "love" website estate (3 sites now) and host them under an official parent brand.

Running Costs:

Running costs currently being updated here are the startup costs so long for the network history.

Date Domain Price
21.12.2021 $1,200
24.08.2021 $2,070
31.10.2018 $1,500
08.06.2017 $500
04.03.2015 $200
01.03.2008 $10

For once-off costs for the software and hardware I use to create content, see my Workspace page.


Launches and noteworthy features.

Date Milestone Detail
21.12.2021 Acquisition domain acquired with $1,200