100 digestable Hot Tips to help stengthen your Landing Pages.

Project Overview:

On 26 May 2020 I decided to share 100 Landing Page "Hot Tips" over 100 days. I never expected it to turn into an Ebook, Audiobook, Notion Book and more. These are my learnings from the experiment.

Free Email Drip: robhope.com/100
100 Tweet Thread: 100 Tweet Thread
Buy Ebook: Via Gumroad


Black Friday 2021 Experiment Results
Black Friday 2021 Experiment Results To say thanks to my top Ebook affiliates I wanted to give them 50% of the Black Friday 2021 sale price. Here are the results.

Running Costs:

Running costs currently being updated but it's mainly Gumroad fees and Email Octopus for the email drip.

For once-off costs for the software and hardware I use to create content, see my Workspace page.


Launches and noteworthy features.

Date Milestone Link
17.11.2021 Black Friday 2021 Experiment Debrief
20.04.2020 Launch of Ebook v1.1 Tweet
02.09.2020 Launch of Ebook v1.0 Tweet
26.05.2020 Start of 100 tip Twitter thread and free email drip Tweet - Drip