An appreciation for simple One Page websites.

Behind-the-scenes building One Page Love.

Project Overview:

One Page Love is the leading online showcase of beautiful One Page websites, templates and resources.

A “One Pager” is a Single Page website with no additional pages like About, Team or Services. All the content sits within the same webpage, traditionally in a long-scrolling layout. The beauty of a One Page website is it tries to promote one thing in an uncluttered, direct manner. This allows the visitor to make a quicker decision vs sending them to a bloated website with many options.

Link Details Website launched in March 2008
/inspiration Inspiration section featuring over 8,000 unique One Page websites
/templates One Page website templates to help you get started quicker
Twitter Only Tweeting my favorites
Pinterest Pinterest is fully automated via secret RSS feed - blog on this soon
Inspiration Only Newsletter Unique inspiration newsletter sending every 10 websites I review
Templates Only Newsletter Templates newsletter sending every 10 templates added to the archives


The 2008 moment I thought up One Page Love
The 2008 moment I thought up One Page Love Here is the original email with my good friend Andrew brainstorming names a month before launching One Page Love in March 2008.
3 Lessons Growing One Page Love from Side Project to Full Time Job
3 Lessons Growing One Page Love from Side Project to Full Time Job After 10yrs of working on One Page Love, here are the 3 takeaways reflecting on what it took to grow from side project to my full time job.
How One Page Love Monetizes (2018 Edition)
How One Page Love Monetizes (2018 Edition) Here are 4000 words dissecting current income channels, future plans and failed experiments on One Page Love.

Running Costs:

Here are the monthly running costs that might be of value if you’re considering building a similar site. Please note they are approximate figures based on recent invoices.

Cost/mo Item Provider Notes
$100 WordPress Hosting Flywheel Shared with Email Love and my personal website.
$50 Image CDN IMGIX This is for Retina-optimized review screenshots (example), smaller archive thumbnails (example) and generating snazzy social share images (example).
$32 Analytics Plausible Simple and privacy-friendly analytics.
$30 Email Marketing MailerLite Managing a few newsletters; Inspiration Only, Templates Only and Landing Pages Unpacked.
$29 Commerce Lemon Squeezy Online transactions for a few items on the site like website and template submissions.
$25 Commerce Gumroad Online transactions for the Landing Page Hot Tips Ebook.
$20 Video Hosting Vimeo Pro Ad-free, customizable and unsharable videos for my courses and round-ups (example)
$16 Template Builder Webflow The Webflow Templates built by OPL are built using the platform but I also plan to build some Landing Pages using it for the Ebook, Course, Audit service and more.
$15 Email Marketing EmailOctopus Managing the free 100 day Hot Tips Email Drip and the dedicated Ebook newsletter (for future version updates). Gets a welcome email with download links.
$15 Music Epidemic Sound Royalty-free music for YouTube videos.
$10 Screencasts Loom Landing Page video feedback and audits.
$6 Email G Suite One primary acc for rob@ then have a few aliases.
$5 Search Plugin SearchWP WordPress suggestive AJAX search plugin. Shared with Email Love on the $119/year Pro plan.
$4 Template Builder Carrd I'm on the Carrd Pro Plus account at $49/year that allows me to build free Carrd templates (example) but also test other authors templates needing higher Carrd tiers. See Carrd template archive).
$2 Domain & DNS Hover Two domains related to this site, average around $30/year.
Free Automation Zapier Ebook sale with Gumroad to the dedicated Ebook newsletter (for future version updates). Gets a welcome email with download links.
Free Planning, writing Notion Organizing the product road map, bug checklists, curating content, saving screenshots, drafting articles, dabbling with ideas.
Free Code Backups GitHub All website changes are tracked here in a private repo. I'm not collaborating with anyone but it's a great way to log changes if I notice traffic spikes or dips.

For once-off costs for the software and hardware I use to create content, see my Workspace page.


Launches and noteworthy features.

Date Milestone Link
19.05.2021 Soft-launch of new 2-column Templates section Visit
02.09.2020 Published Landing Page Hot Tips book Visit
26.05.2020 Launched 100 Landing Page Hot Tips in 100 days Visit
28.12.2019 Soft-launch of Author Profiles Visit
27.12.2019 Soft-launch of Typeface taxonomy Visit
04.09.2019 Official launch of sister-site Email Love Blog
30.08.2019 Suggestive AJAX search now integrated with SearchWP Visit
01.08.2019 Beta launch of sister-site Email Love Blog
20.03.2019 Launch of the One Page Love v3 with new red branding Blog
13.03.2019 Archive thumbnails now include longer screenshots  
12.02.2019 Archives now infinite scroll  
31.03.2018 OPL turns ten Blog
31.03.2008 OPL launches Screenshots