What exactly is a Landing Page? (and why they are effective)

The beauty of a Landing Page is the effectiveness of getting your visitor to do one thing...

Rob Hope
Published by Rob Hope on January 7, 2020

A Landing Page is the webpage where your user lands up after your marketing efforts.

For example: Coca-Cola have an Instagram Story promotion saying “Swipe Up to stand a chance to win a trip of a life time”. You swipe up and land on the competition Landing Page (eg. cocacola.com/competition), not the Coca-Cola website home page (cocacola.com).

So why should we use Landing Pages?

A good Landing Page has only one objective – in this case inputting your email, hitting the ENTER call-to-action (CTA) button and bam! – that’s what we refer to as a successful conversion.

See the beauty of a Landing Page is the effectiveness of getting your visitor to do just one thing. If we are trying to get the visitor to do multiple actions, our webpage copy is less direct, more noisy and even confusing – naturally resulting in less conversions.

Every single word and image in a good Landing Page has one purpose: convince the visitor to act.

So what if I’m trying to sell two things?

I’d recommend two separate Landing Pages. Each with specific copy and images relative to the product or service.

Another benefit of breaking up your products or services into separate Landing Pages is a better place to send a visitor asking for a specific product or service.

How do you think a Landing Page would perform with calligraphy copy and calligraphy images specific to someone looking to hire a calligrapher versus sending them to a Landing Page broadly summarizing 8 different design services?

Landing Page Conversion Examples

1. Dedicated Newsletter Landing Pages

Entering in an email and signing up to the list = a conversion.

2. Software Free Download Landing Pages

Clicking the download button and activating the download = a conversion.

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