Less Talk. More Rock.

The notion of working while traveling is romantic but nothing beats a dedicated workspace with optimized tools.

This is where it gets done friends.

Rob Hope - Office

Every item on my shelves has a story.

A simple glance instantly tops up my inspiration and gets me motivated to create more memories through hard work. I am the only one going to make it happen and I am the only one standing in my way.

Less talk, more rock.

A few people ask what gear I’m rolling for side-projects, so here is a detailed breakdown of my tangible and digital tools:


Software: General Work

  • iA Writer – Notes ($30)
  • Notion – Writing and organizing my Landing Page course (free)
  • Trello – Yo! Podcast research and question curation (free)
  • 1Password – Password Management ($3/mo)
  • Loom – Screen recorder for daily comms ($10/mo)
  • QuickBooks – Tracking all expenses ($15/mo)

Software: Hosting, Domains, Email

Software: Video and Podcast

  • Vimeo Pro – Video hosting for my Landing Page course ($20/mo)
  • Loom – Screen recorder for Landing Page feedback ($10/mo)
  • Simplecast – Yo! Podcast hosting and distribution ($12/mo)
  • Anchor – Second podcast hosting and distribution (free)
  • Zencastr – Yo! Podcast guest recording (free)
  • Epidemic Sound – Music licensing and SFX ($15/mo)
  • Screenflow – Video and Podcast editing ($129)
  • Speechpad – Podcast transcription ($1/min)

Software: Designing

  • Figma – Designing, wireframing, brainstorming (free)
  • Adobe Photoshop – Mainly stitching together difficult screenshots ($23/mo)
  • Contrast – Screen color identifier including color contrast ratios ($7)
  • PixelSnap – Screen measurement tool ($39)

Software: Development

Shelf Highlights

FAQ: What maker chat communities have you joined?

Nothing against Slack or Discord but they are too distracting for me so I haven’t joined any and not using chat software.

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