Here are my favorite finds since I last wrote:

Tool: Uibot interface generator for design inspiration
Resource: Find Brand Guidelines that links directly to the official assets
News: Apple SF Symbols now providing 1500+ Symbols in 9 weights for your app
Resource: FontFamous (press logo font)
Tool: PixelSnap 2 released ($25)
Resource: Warped Universe abstract illustrations pack ($19)
Tool: CSS Grid Generator by Sarah Drasner
News: Apple announce SwiftUI (like a version of React for Swift)
Resource: Comprehensive resource list for SwiftUI
Article: 5 rules for choosing the right words on button labels
Tip: Chrome Dev Tools ’document.designMode’ makes your entire document editable
Free Video Course: JavaScript Basics by Todd Motto
Restaurant: L'eurasienne (minimal, unique layout)
Portfolio: Verdi Creative (bold design)
Magazine: by Edoardo Rainoldi 🔥
Portfolio: Cherri Hartigan (fun!)
Font: Maria Rose Script SVG typeface (free until Sunday)
WordPress Theme: Serenity Lite by Themely
Icons: Unicons - 1000+ pixel-perfect vector icons by Iconscout
Concept: Mercury OS by Jason Yuan
UX: New Dropbox announcement walkthrough 🔥
Round-Up: Top 5 One Page websites from May
Short Documentary: Ziggy by Jacques Naude
Short-form series, films and podcasts: Mailchimp Presents
Branding: Walker Brothers Bombucha by makebardo

Rob Hope   Much love,

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