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Yo! Podcast 7 Episodes

Interviews with designers, developers and makers who are contributing to a better web. Browse the guests below or subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Stitcher and Breaker.

Yo! Podcast #007

#007 - Gilbert Pellegrom - Software Engineer. We chat about Nivo Slider, the state of online privacy and if all side-projects should be monetized.

Yo! Podcast #006

#006 - Mubashar "Mubs" Iqbal - Former Product Hunt ’Maker of the Year’. We chat about football, building MVP's and keeping side-projects fun!

Yo! Podcast #005

#005 - Steve Schoger - Designer, Co-Author Refactoring UI. We rap about self-esteem, pricing, marketing channels and his viral design tweets.

Yo! Podcast #004

#004 - Jason Schuller - Product Designer, Founder Leeflets. We rap about WordPress, co-founders, struggles with previous success & 90s grunge!

Yo! Podcast #003

#003 - Jess Eddy - Product Designer, Founder of UI Goodies. We rap about the ice-cream industry, UX design, podcasts and the need for curation online.

Yo! Podcast #002

#002 - John O’Nolan - Founder of Ghost. We rap about remote working, pricing, competition and building a platform for leading journalists.

Yo! Podcast #001

#001 - @AJLKN - Founder of Carrd, Pixelarity, HTML5 UP! We rap about "good Twitter", pricing, being offline, text-only newsletters & Carrd.

Yo! Podcast #000 - Introduction Yo!

#000 - Introduction Yo! - A short tale on how the Yo! Podcast came about and what to expect from the upcoming show.