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We chat about SaaS vs once-off payments, Pantera vs Slayer, why he uses Gumroad, the advantage of multi-tier pricing and of course his rapidly growing CSS Framework, Tailwind CSS.

We chat about nightmare NDA situations, the state of online privacy, Biffy Clyro and if all side-projects should be monetized.

We chat about immigrating to America, his love for football, partnership equity, building MVP's and how he keeps side-projects fun!

We chat about low self-esteem, reacting to pricing complaints, influential marketing channels and how he meticulously constructs those viral Design Tip Tweets.

We chat about the moment everything changed, finding the right co-founder and the struggle of competing with previous monetary success.

We chat about the ice-cream industry, UX design, improving podcasts and the continued need for curation online.

We chat about remote working, pricing, competition and building a future platform to help journalists monetize their craft.

We chat about the dangers of complacency, the good corners of Twitter, his unexpected KPOP community, pricing a SAAS service and the importance of being offline.

A short tale on how the Yo! Podcast came about and what to expect from the upcoming show.