Maker. Surfer. Optimist.

The online home of Rob Hope

Heya! I’m Rob Hope – a designer, developer and maker hailing from Cape Town, South Africa.

Most people know me as the guy who runs One Page Love – a small corner of the Internet curating Single Page websites. This niche idea ultimately helped me quit freelance and work on my side projects full-time. Wild right! One Page websites? Who knew.

Think that’s about it, feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Email if you need anything.

… oh, I also have a podcast called Yo! – a lot of people say its the best thing I do but TBH the creative process with each episode wrecks me. A real emotional rollercoaster. So I only drop episodes between side project launches. If it’s new to you, check out the Derek Sivers interview, what a wild cat that guy.