A peak behind-the-scenes.

Building side projects, random thoughts and blogs preserving fun moments.
Love Curated dot com I've finally decided to clean up the "love" website estate (3 sites now) and host them under an official parent brand.
Black Friday 2021 Experiment Results To say thanks to my top Ebook affiliates I wanted to give them 50% of the Black Friday 2021 sale price. Here are the results.
Discontinuing Email Newsletter Discovery The dream was to connect someone with a newly found hobby/career with a professional within the niche, delivering exclusive content via email newsletter.
Buying Happiness Surfing brings me so much joy and it's a brilliant escape from working online.
UX Love is set for 2022 I took to GoDaddy domain brokers and shelled out a good chunk of my Ebook earnings for the uxlove.com domain.
The Martial, the Badger and the Secretary General Heading back solo to Cape Town, I hit a dirt road detour to try to see a Secretary Bird.
Discontinuing the Yo! Podcast supporters club Early in 2021 I discontinued the "My People" aka "Yo! Friends" podcast supporters club and cancelled the recurring subscriptions.
What happened to Yo! on YouTube? Yo! started as a YouTube show covering design and development news including inspiration, laughs, beats and more.
A disposable camera selfie with Fat Mike Still cant believe he got this right among all the chaos.
Not seeing an Osprey Resetting my local SA bird list was one of the best things I've done in recent years.
This is where it gets done friends My workspace is really coming together. Every item on my shelves has a story.
Yo! Podcast Artwork Illustrations For fun here is a behind-the-scenes look at a new Yo! Podcast artwork illustration concept I'm toying with. This absolutely could not happen but it's all part of the game.
Being a tourist in your own country Klaud and I were meant to be cycling around Tuscany right now but we are alive and well...
100 Tweet Thread Today marks the end of a monster 100 Tweet thread over the past 100 days.
Don’t be the victim While growing up my mate Steve and I always used to quote this mantra.
The 2008 moment I thought up One Page Love Here is the original email with my good friend Andrew brainstorming names a month before launching One Page Love in March 2008.
Back from Mentawai What an experience surfing the waves I've grown up watching as far back as crusty VHS.
“A tale from Witzenhausen” WCEU 2019 Talk I decided to adapt my WordCamp Berlin talk into a tale about Yannick from the quaint town of Witzenhausen.
Getting back into birding Been incredible getting back into Birding in my 30s.
How I negotiated the $5k Email Love dot com domain I hope these tips help save you some cake when hard-balling that perfect domain.
The Game Plan I try get super transparent and share how I plan to grow the audience...
Why I green-lit the Email Love project So you have an itching side-project idea but struggling to justify if you should work on it. Here is a comprehensive guide I’ve put together to help decide if you should green-light that idea.
Announcement So nervous but excited to share my next big project! Email Love is going to act as a sister-site to One Page Love but for email (obvs!).
Yo! Halloween I blinked and we are 30 Yo! episodes later.
Fractured my elbow… ... chopping wood.
Yo! Namibia Had to drop everything to chase a massive West swell hitting Namibia
3 Lessons Growing One Page Love from Side Project to Full Time Job After 10yrs of working on One Page Love, here are the 3 takeaways reflecting on what it took to grow from side project to my full time job.
How One Page Love Monetizes (2018 Edition) Here are 4000 words dissecting current income channels, future plans and failed experiments on One Page Love.
“Why All You Need Is One Page” WCCT 2016 Talk Funny story – as I walked up to start the talk, the HDMI cable wouldn’t recognize my laptop...
“Going Niche with One Page Love” WCCT 2013 Talk There are a few um's and ah's in the beginning but I get my rhythm. Happy with it as my first public talk.