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Email Love has a new home

I’ve sold Email Love (EML) to my good kiwi friend Andrew King.

Andy had his own email inspiration gallery (that will merge into EML) and has 10yrs experience designing, coding, & curating emails. He is undoubtably the right person to take EML to the next level.

Email Love content

Man, I had fun building the site features… but ultimately I had to let it go. Here is a quick reflection on why:

1 – Competition

When I first started planning EML, Really Good Emails had a ton of room for improvement. As soon as I started working in public, they really got going and levelled the site up into an incredible resource for email inspiration. I have zero energy to try make something better. Kudos to them.

2 – Motivation

Its not this black & white, and more intwined with the 3rd point, but curating email is nowhere near the top of the things I could/want to do in my work day. I have unlimited motivation curating One Pagers – I honestly love it 14yrs in – and I really enjoy getting creative with the Yo! Podcast (audio and video).

3 – Time

I’ve got a little boy arriving in June (f me that’s next month) and I’m looking to spend way less time online. Like *way* less for at least a year. Right now One Page Love is doing great but I still have so much to do there. Every second into EML was a second not improving OPL or growing the Yo! Podcast (which I really want to do).

Ok, think that’s just about it. A huge thanks if you ever shared the love about Email Love or dropped me a kind message. I’m super proud of it, hence why I could only sell it to a friend I trust will take it to a good place.

You got this Andy!