One Page Love

Is Pinterest worth investing in as a content creator?

As of October 2022, the One Page Love Pinterest account gets 3,473 website visits per month from 1.6m pin impressions, seen by 660k unique pinners.

Here is what our long-scrolling One Page websites look like as pins:

One Page Love Pinterest view

For a bit more context, we have 20.7k Pinterest followers and post ~2 pins per day. Each pin has a title, custom review text (by me), a long-scrolling screenshot and link back to the review:

One Page Love single pin

The real kicker is that posting to Pinterest is fully automated via a custom RSS feed that extracts all our existing efforts.

So based on our 3k website visits per month via full automation, I’d recommend setting up a Pinterest account (via RSS) if you have a niche resource with good visuals in your content ✅