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Break your rut with a small promise

Working solo online, the only way I can truly move the needle is if I’m held accountable.

Promising 100 Landing Page Hot Tip Tweets in 100 days, resulted in an Ebook, resulting in several workshops and talks around the world.

I remember being on a weekend away, somewhere inland South Africa and sitting stuck refining tip 40-something. I spent 3hrs on 3 sentences. But got it done.

If you are reading this, I know you know this feeling.

“I’ll just skip it.”

“I’ll just do it tomorrow.”

If I skipped that Tweet. I would have done it again. And again.

Now I’ve promised a weekly newsletter. 27 in a row so far. No dips. Even in difficult weeks 🍼

Results are showing: more sponsor revenue, more submissions/MRR on One Page Love, more community interaction and it’s forced me to build better systems to help get them out.

These systems don’t get built without the promise.

Respect to anyone who can do it silently, but personally without making the promise and being held accountable… I overthink, stall and don’t ship.

Feeling stuck? Start with a small promise, do whatever it takes to deliver and you will start to see the needle move.