Yo! Podcast

What happened to the Yo! design/dev show from 2018?

Yo! started as an experimental YouTube show covering design and development news including inspiration, laughs, beats and more. The show has evolved into the Yo! Podcast.

Here are the 30 episodes forming Season One:

  • Yo! S1 Credits Season 1 Music Credits
  • 🔥 Yo! Halloween Season 1 Finale
  • Yo! Announcement Seasons announcement and how-to Aeropress
  • Yo! S1 E28 Win a Yo-Yo, GitHub Actions, Doodle Addicts, CSS-Only Parallax Scrolling
  • Yo! S1 E27 Framer X, Gutenberg Stats, Design Systems, Augmented Reality
  • Yo! S1 E26 Typography Resources, Generative Artistry, Free Signature Font, Productivity Apps
  • Yo! S1 E25 Free UX Sketch Pack, Picular Color Schemer, Framer X Drawing
  • Yo! S1 E24 Ui Goodies, Books for Designers, APIs with Laravel, Flexbox Alignments
  • Yo! S1 E23 Free Vector Icons, The Doodle Library, CSS Stack Game, Streamline Icons v3
  • Yo! S1 E22 Font Memory Game, Scrolling Gradients, Epicurrence is back!
  • Yo! S1 E21 Digital Design Tools, Gutenberg Update, Augmented Reality
  • 🔥 Yo! Namibia Had to drop everything to chase a massive West swell hitting Namibia
  • Yo! S1 E20 Dribbble Hiring Platform, Free Instagram Stories Kit
  • Yo! S1 E19 World Cup Kit Designs, Google Analytics Competitor, AR Business Cards
  • Yo! S1 E18 UI Design Trends, Whimsical Wireframes, Github Acquisition
  • Yo! S1 E17 Scratch n Sniff Stamps, Dank Mono Coding Font, Cool Backgrounds
  • Yo! S1 E16 Adobe XD Free, FF59 Blocks Notifications, Interface Lovers
  • Yo! S1 E15 Sketch 50 Bug, Bulma CSS, Google Material Theming
  • Yo! S1 E14 Francine Horror Story, DuoTones, 2000 Free Flat Icons, .App Domain Launch
  • Yo! S1 E13 Design App Shortcuts, Record Label Logos, UI Faces, Google Grasshopper
  • Yo! S1 E12 Gmail Redesign, Free JavaScript Course, Mobile UI Inspiration
  • Yo! S1 E11 Free LGBT Icons, Dieter Rams Doccy, macOS UI Library Kit, Instagram Guideline
  • Yo! S1 E10 Braille Fonts, Win Nerdy Cards, Coke’s 3D Billboard, Webflow eCommerce
  • Yo! S1 E9 Sketch for Windows, 300 Free Icons, 2018 State of Email
  • Yo! S1 E8 Variable Fonts, Free Icons, Sketch in Adobe XD 6, New Productivity Section
  • Yo! S1 E7 Failed “Vlog” Attempt, Vertical $10 Note, Google’s Mobile UI Framework
  • Yo! S1 E6 Conversational UI, Sketch Prototyping, CSS Puns, @AJLKN Identity Revealed
  • Yo! S1 E5 Free CSS Variables Course, Design Decisions, 500 Mockups for Sketch
  • Yo! S1 E4 Worlds Blackest Black, Captcha Fail Stats, Techno Timelapse, Tooltip JS Library
  • Yo! S1 E3 Design Trends 2018, Cheapass Parallax, PixelSnap, Yo! Inspiration, Lisa Tegtmeier
  • Yo! S1 E2 Free iOS11 UI Kit, SVG Background Generator, Flexbox Course, Rogie King
  • Yo! S1 E1 Dark Scheme for Sketch, Bootstrap 4, Gutenberg v2, Epicurrence, Kim Goulbourne