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Announcing Lemon Squeezy as the exclusive 2023 Yo! Podcast sponsor

Lemon Squeezy has locked in an exclusive Yo! Podcast sponsorship deal with 10 episodes in 2023.

Lemon Squeezy

I use Lemon Squeezy as my primary payment provider for the entire Love Curated network and our audiences pair so well, so the collaboration is perfect.

My three big draws to Lemon Squeezy are:

  1. The team – all industry pros and a great bunch.
  2. The UI design – simply beautiful.
  3. Merchant of Record – they handle tax compliance (especially needed in the EU).

I’m hugely grateful to have them as a supporter for a full year and they have given me full creative control to have a blast with the show.

Visit Lemon Squeezy →

ps. tell them I sent you;)