Yo! Podcast

A short story (of hesitation) behind the yo.fm domain

Behind every domain acquisition announcement is always a lot of doubt. Let’s peel back the layers a bit.

I’m a huge advocate for dot com domains and spent small fortunes on emaillove.com, uxlove.com and lovecurated.com. No regrets.

So naturally I first tried to grab the yopodcast dot com domain.

Taken. And now redirected to the GoDaddy domain marketplace. Meh.

Enter a bid starting at $20 and wait? Or buy-it-now for $120. Worth it. Paid full.

60 days and a refund later, the GoDaddy team simply could not get hold the domain owner.

Fast forward a few dozen alternative domain searches, eliminating everything that didn’t sing, I landed up at yo.fm – available for $643.50 and renews at $110/year. Ouch!

At this point you question everything. You dive into play stats. You search the name of podcast to see if it’s even ranking.

“The podcast isn’t even monetized…”

“I haven’t released an episode in over a year..”

“Dot FM domains?… will people think this is a radio station?”

The doubt really starts to compound.

Ultimately, I really enjoy speaking to creators and the have a lot of fun with the show, even if I bleed a little with each edit.

It’s also something people keep reminding me I’m really good at and I know it’s a smart move for my online journey.

This all contributed to my gut saying yes.