Black Friday 2021 LPHT Experiment Results

For Black Friday 2021 I wanted to try something different

To say thanks to my top Ebook affiliates (all legends!) I wanted to give them 50% of the Black Friday sale price. The results are at the bottom but first a little context on what the deal looked like and how it was launched:

  1. Deal context
  2. Launch Tweet
  3. Results

BF 2021 Deal Context

Using the links under each affiliate, the Ebook purchaser could support a creator/friend they admire with 50% of the $20 Black Friday sale price.

So they get $10, I get $10 ❤️

That’s only $20 (normally $49 – saving 60%) for 100 actionable Landing Page Hot Tips in Ebook, Kindle, Audiobook, Notion formats including bonus pre-launch checklists.

The deal page was on the URL robhope.com/bf2021 and looked like this:

Black Friday 2021 affiliates screenshot

Clicking a red button would take the user to the Gumroad product page with the Black Friday 60% discount actioned plus the relevant affiliate code applied.

BF 2021 Launch Tweet

Instead of competing with the masses on actual Black Friday, I dropped this Tweet on Tuesday, 16 November 2021 at 4PM Central Africa Time, 9AM Eastern Time:

Here are the Tweet analytics up until end Cyber Monday, 30 November 2021:

Tweet analytics up until end Cyber Monday

BF 2021 Results

Here are the experiment results up until end Cyber Monday, 30 November 2021:

📊 143 sales
📬 $3,228 rev

❤️ 143 new friends with Hot Tips
🙏 $1,614 to my top affiliates

A huge thanks to everyone involved and to everyone who spread the word, very happy with the experiment 🙂

Interesting addition 10 days later: 3 of the 4 “Hot Tips” Ebook refunds this year have been since the deal.

“I expected a much better ebook”

“I was expecting 18x pages of content that delved deep”

Got to be tough in this online game but also remember refunds are just part of process. So if you ever get a refund, remember it simply wasn’t for them.