A moment with Rob Hopkins

Been sorting out my old iMac files as I’m selling the machine for a recent Mac Studio upgrade.

Stumbled upon this hilarious screenshot of an email exchange I had with a Rob Hopkins.

My wife forgot to add the e at the end of my surname (Hope) in my email address, when sending our Airbnb trip details. Rob Hopkins got it and kindly forwarded it back to me:

Hey email exchange

Brought such a smile to my face, I’m so glad I preserved this moment.

A few added thoughts at this time in my life:

  1. The 27″ late-2015 iMac was and still is an incredible machine. It was a total pleasure to use for 8 years. The only reason I’m upgrading is the need for more CPU power to edit and export video faster. For design and development it’s still excellent.
  2. I should have made a faster call on if I should stick with the Hey.com email provider. I spent too long debating and once I reverted back to Gmail, I had lost months of email exchanges within the platform. Today, this still stings me with the odd conversation I can’t recall easily in Gmail search.
  3. Try not bury these fun moments multiple folders deep on old computers or drives. Upload them in Dropbox in a ‘Moments’ folder, drag them into Notion in a ‘Moments’ page or even blog them like this.