Being a solopreneur, motivation is vital to your output. These are my routines to stay motivated.

On an outer level, without exercise and eating fairly well.. motivation goes South fast. This affects our strength to push through those difficult times but more importantly the ability to think clearly. We need the blood flowing and we need fuel to do so. Else game over. So I always start here when motivation is low.

The next tier would be understanding the amount of time in your day you spend actually doing things you like. Example: you love coding and loathe emailing – you find yourself doing more of the latter. Do whatever it takes to change that ratio. (I touched on this here.)

Third tier would be focusing on actually getting things done. Ticking off tasks is always motivating but we find ourselves stretching a task over days, if not weeks. Motivation drops. Get better at compartmentalizing tasks into smaller chunks. Start your days with the easy ones. Momentum is fuel for motivation.

From the top:

  1. Fuel and exercise
  2. Tweak the ratio of things you enjoy and don’t
  3. Gain momentum with smaller task completion

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