Buying Happiness

Blog - Last updated 9 Sep 2021

I’m super stubborn with certain things.

I won’t blink to pay for a pricey item that improves my work productivity but I will sit with old surf gear for years.

Surfing brings me so much joy and it’s a brilliant escape from working online. It’s honestly invaluable to my quality of life.

Recently, after a few pep talks from friends, I splashed out on a new wetsuit and this awesome Rocket Wide Al Merrick board:

Rocket Wide Al Merrick board

Literally one surf in, I was surfing better and felt like a completely different person.

The board is really forgiving when you bog rail and holds a ton of drive when you need it. Absolutely everything about this purchase made surfing more enjoyable.

Yes, happiness is temporary but this exchange for money changed everything in a positive way. I need to be less stubborn on buying gear for activities that enrich my life.

This week I got to take it for a spin at one of my favorite waves Elands Bay (West Coast, South Africa) and it was a blast:

Surfing Elands Bay - pic by John Wilkinson

Surfing Elands Bay - pic by John Wilkinson

Surfing Elands Bay - pic by John Wilkinson

Thanks John Wilkinson for the pics!

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