We bought a plot

An incredibly long story short, Klaud and I bought a plot in the Romansbaai eco-estate, just outside Gansbaai in the Western Cape. It’s about 2h20 South from where we live in Cape Town, South Africa.

Romansbaai #366 Romansbaai #366

We’ve been looking for “our next chapter” and were previously set on relocating to Hoekwil (inland Wilderness) up the East Coast. After 18 months of scouting places and a failed plot offer, the stars realigned to Romansbaai.

With Romansbaai being way closer to Cape Town (2hrs) than Hoekwil (5hrs), we have decided to stay in the City and treat this as a second property and holiday/rental investment.

Right now I can’t afford to build anything, literally not a brick, but this has given me incredible drive and direction working online again. I can’t wait to document building our dream place from scratch too.

Images/numbers manipulated by me from some images I found online. If these are yours please contact me, I’d love to buy them from you.

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