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Moments - Last updated 8 Dec 2020

My workspace is really coming together.

Every item on my shelves has a story.

A simple glance instantly tops up my inspiration and gets me motivated to create more memories through hard work. I am the only one going to make it happen and I am the only one standing in my way.

A few people ask what gear I’m rolling for side-projects, so I put up detailed breakdown of my tangible and digital tools here:

Rob Hope - Office

Hit me up on Twitter or email if you have experienced any good moments recently. Here is my ongoing archive:

Buying Happiness
Buying Happiness Surfing brings me so much joy and it's a brilliant escape from working online.
The Martial, the Badger and the Secretary General
The Martial, the Badger and the Secretary General Heading back solo to Cape Town, I hit a dirt road detour to try to see a Secretary Bird.
A disposable camera selfie with Fat Mike
A disposable camera selfie with Fat Mike Still cant believe he got this right among all the chaos.
Not seeing an Osprey
Not seeing an Osprey Resetting my local SA bird list was one of the best things I've done in recent years.
Being a tourist in your own country
Being a tourist in your own country Klaud and I were meant to be cycling around Tuscany right now but we are alive and well...
100 Tweet Thread
100 Tweet Thread Today marks the end of a monster 100 Tweet thread over the past 100 days.
Don’t be the victim
Don’t be the victim While growing up my mate Steve and I always used to quote this mantra.
Back from Mentawai
Back from Mentawai What an experience surfing the waves I've grown up watching as far back as crusty VHS.
A tale from Witzenhausen
A tale from Witzenhausen I decided to adapt my WordCamp Berlin talk into a tale about Yannick from the quaint town of Witzenhausen.
Getting back into birding
Getting back into birding Been incredible getting back into Birding in my 30s.
Yo! Halloween
Yo! Halloween I blinked and we are 30 Yo! episodes later.
Fractured my elbow…
Fractured my elbow… ... chopping wood.
Yo! Namibia
Yo! Namibia Had to drop everything to chase a massive West swell hitting Namibia