What (exactly) is a website Landing Page?

Articles - Last updated 8 Sep 2021

A Landing Page is the webpage where your user “lands up” after your marketing efforts.

Imagine Airbnb have an Instagram Story promotion saying “Swipe up to win the trip of a lifetime”. You swipe up and land up on the Airbnb competition Landing Page, not the Airbnb website home page.

🚫 airbnb.com

✅ airbnb.com/competition

Ficticious Airbnb Beach Competition

What makes a good Landing Page?

A good Landing Page has only one objective and all the content within the page is relevant to it.

For our competition use-case the objective for the Landing Page is for a user to successfully enter the competition with their details. So the user inputs their email address, hits the CTA (call-to-action) button and BAM they are now in the database.

Take a second to imagine how the copy, images and call-to-action buttons would differ on these two Landing Pages:

🚫 Enter our competition + find holiday accommodation + we’re hiring

✅ Enter our competition

Landing Page Objectives

See the beauty of a Landing Page is the single canvas to persuade the visitor to do one thing. All page elements must direct the user to take one action.

What is a Landing Page Conversion?

A successful action (set by a pre-determined objective) is what we refer to as a conversion.

Here are a few examples of Landing Page objectives that would ultimately become conversions if successful:

  • Submit an email address eg. enter a competition
  • Download a free digital file eg. iPhone Wallpaper
  • Purchase a digital or physical product eg. Ebook
  • Sign up to a SaaS service eg. Netflix
  • Enquire about a product or service using the provided contact details eg. a wedding photographer with email/phone number

Takeaway lesson:

  1. Set an objective for your Landing Page.
  2. Do you have items within the Landing Page that do not align with your objective?
  3. If so, remove them.

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